My Kind of Character

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My kind of character.

They whistle. A song you find yourself humming.
And stick to you. It’s tacky really. The connection between a reader and a character in a book. Their story is kind of like your story. Been there, done that kind of dejevu. They grab your attention and when they’re off page you wonder what they’re doing.
Characters we love are innately strategic, they hold their cards close to the vest, yet you know why their at the poker table, what they want to win and when they’re willing to go ‘all in’.

They've got a name. Like Scout, Gatsby, Dracula or Scarlet. And a handle. 007. And a symbol, that S emblazoned across their chest. And every Adam has his Eve. Every Grasshopper their Rabbi. Every Rapper their Hype Man. Every Poem its Muse of inspiration. Just like us, they have an unknown future influenced by a past and determined by their choices today.

We see them beautifully ugly, they are flawed.

And that’s why they’re so attractive. Their charismatic presence is really our hope that sinners can be redeemed and we can find the way as they show us their journey. Being flawed, we love them without judgment and that also gives us hope, that we can learn to love real people right where they are—in the hot and sweaty sanctification oven, in the down and dirty high spin of the potter’s wheel, in the tight silk situations of the cocoon of transformation. We witness their failures and realize we're universally alike. We watch them wrestle with God and dare to be bold enough to beg for that blessing even if it comes with the limping exit.

Their lightness makes my darkness diminish.

It's the wide blue sky and the long shadow. I feel their heartache, mourn their loss, and cheer when they win.

My kind of characters is never perfect, seldom ‘sweet’ and written by a Ragamuffin soul. Larger than life yet stronger than they think they are, they can drink, swear, and be downright heathen when they're self-sufficient instead of Spirit controlled.  They can wear expensive shoes, be into empty sex, get good and even, or chase vanity like the best of the worst of us when we're also believing the enemy’s lies.  

Their story is our story. They’re working out their salvation. So give them a chance to whistle, that same song Jesus was humming when you, loved, began to follow, because if they don’t teach us something about Love then they’re not my kind of character. 

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