The Glory Prequel to the Glory Series

The Glory Prequel to the Glory Series


the Prequel to the Glory Series

A parable of how God is the saints’ glory and so they are His.

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The Glory is the story of Samantha Elroy.  She was rescued. Survived what other girls did not and she doesn't like to talk about it. That was then. Now she is working as an attorney, helping victims of crimes find justice. She's satisfied, settled and safe. So getting swept off her feet by a danger junky cowboy is totally out of the question. Honey Cooper could give an engaged girl a panic attack with his swaggering, slow talking charm. Not to mention his probing questions. And she's done with all that. So why does she keep thinking of Him? And why does God keep pushing them together?

In a world where fear is a sin that paralyzes and thanksgiving is faith's courage to trust beyond what can be seen, The Glory is the victory we realize when holiness comes to expression.
For the once afraid victim doing the hard work of turning evil's wounds into victory's scars.
For the courageous who fearlessly pursue God’s purposed plan.
For the suffering who long to experience God working out for them a weight of glory amidst these light momentary afflictions.

The Glory is the transformation story of how God deposits something of His moral beauty and majesty into the soul of a believer and how this holiness comes to light through thanksgiving in the metamorphosis.

A parable of how God is the saints’ glory and so they are His.

The Glory is the journey of the worm, wrapped in the substantial weight of affliction and grappling with the paradoxes of faith to emerge from the cocoon of oppression the transformed butterfly.

The Glory is the prequel of The Glory Series.

When overwhelmed by fear, could thanksgiving birth courage? JL Kelly.


Reviews of The Glory

The Glory is a Christian romance, I couldn't put this book down until I found out about Honey and Samantha's story. I had read about these characters in the other books. J L Kelly has a way with words that keeps you going back and rereading a 2nd and a third time- mary kaye


This book caught my eye right from its title. You never even hear the mention of the word “glory” very often these days. I was intrigued, and “The Glory” did not fail my expectations. So many things that our world is lacking today find a place on the pages of this book: kindness, empathy, faith in people and God, family values and the all-embracing hope, just to name a few - olga


The Glory: cowboy romance series about bull riding, family, overcoming anxiety, PTSD, adversity and forgiveness.: Prequel to The Glory Series


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