FURY Series

God’s love - How do you imagine it. Christ is furious in redeeming His people.
This principle is set in motion in the short prologue of The Fury Book One Eros that opens the curtain into the supernatural world. There the prince of this world states that whatever is true of God the deceiver will make sure its counterfeit prevails on earth in intense opposition.
The great collision of the opposing forces is made personal in each story.
The Fury Series was inspired by the supernatural thriller style books by Ted Dekker and books by Frank Peretti. If you look at the covers of The Fury Series you will see a tree that symbolizes the tree of life. As Dr. John D. Hannah teaches, “the Bible begins in a garden and will end in a garden.” Each futuristic book in the series begins like a supernatural thriller with a prologue that sets the tone and the theme for that story. Each parable sets a truth against its counterfeit. Love against lust. Humility against Pride. Surrender against Power.