FURY Books Glossary of Terms and Proper Names

Glossary of Terms and Proper Names

Glossary of Terms and Proper Names



Ares – a depressant drug used to slow or control the intensity of the drug Eros.

Babel – Located in the center of the International Inner Port City, it is the world’s tallest building. The tower is the meeting place of the powerful and the world's court of culture. Babel claims to inspire imagination and be the heralded spring of creativity and unity although you must meet certain criteria to be allowed inside its system.

Brett Webb –  Ace pitcher for the Washington National's baseball team.

Caleb Fury – Younger brother of Joshua Fury killed in action.

Chevaux Ranch – Cooper family ranch in the Texas hill country.

CX Ranch – Jaxson Cooper's horse ranch in North Texas.

Czenky the Bear of Moscow – former Czar of Russia killed by the Viper.

Dr. Herschel Duchovny – medical doctor at Stratia.

Dr. Ida DePaul – Eros expert that consults with Stratia from the Heatherwood treatment center.

Dr. Lucas – Chief Doctor of Stratia.

Eros – a hormone derivative drug used to chemically stimulate a woman’s body to lust that was invented by the elite Sheikhs and now is being reproduced by the Russians in a weaker pill form called Cupid for the mass market.

Haifa – daughter of Sheikh Khaeel bin Kalfin Al-Thani.

Harry Olstrom – English born bastard of the Viper.

Heatherwood – Eros treatment center in Virginia.

International Inner Port City - IIPC is the heart of the new world and globally governed. Created from the ashes of the economic global failure and the needs to resurrect a struggling Europe with the oil-rich Middle East. The city is the size of Manhattan. The IIPC claims to be the global seat of power, peace and culture.

Jaxson Cooper – father of Jaclyn Cooper and NFL Hall Of Fame Tight End who now owns the CX Ranch and is married to Lexi Cooper.

Jenna Cooper – Cousin of Jaclyn Cooper and fashion designer.

LaRue – French born bastard of the Viper.

Lexi Cooper – Wife of Jaxson Cooper, stepmother of Jaclyn Cooper and partner at Lexington Law Firm.

Nathan and Denise Oliver – Foster parents of Joshua and Caleb Fury.

Ned Neuville - International law professor at Georgetown Law School.

Rachel Cruz – Famous Singer and birth mother of Jaclyn Cooper.

Red Remmi- Interpol officer at Babel.

Samuel Cooper (Cletus) – Cousin of Jaclyn Cooper and heir of the Chevaux Ranch.

Sheikh Khaeel bin Kalfin Al-Thani- Arab King of vast power, and nobility.

Stratia- the name comes from the Greek strategos—a captain or principal, a translation of the Hebrew Asaramel—a prince in the court of the people of God. Luke explains them in the New Testament as the Temple wardens, the boundary keepers, a sanctuary security force who historically protected the ignorant, innocent and intentional from touching what was holy and having God’s holiness break out against them from the Holy of Holies in His Tabernacle when Israel traveled in the wilderness. They also guarded what was holy from the enemies of God who wished to take it. They were both protector and predator. Stratia members are a global group of Saints, chosen for specific purposes and called out from many sectors to contend against evil with a sole allegiance to God as they protect the apostolate—with its arduous duties and functions, and contend against the enemies of the Lord Jesus Christ and His church.

The Bull - Marc Stone is the leader of the support branch of Stratia who oversees training of the warriors, supplies, communications, and mission tactics.

The Eagle - Curtis Lexington is the leader of the intelligence branch of Stratia who is tasked with gathering, processing and analyzing global information. The Eagle has liaisons with Pearce Harrison at the CIA and Red Remmi at Interpol.

The Lion – Joshua Fury is the lead warrior who carries out the duties of Stratia.

The Man - Wisdom- is the unnamed centenarian who administrates Stratia.

The Peregrine - Christie Cooper Stone works in partnership with the Bull of Stratia.

The Termite – Dr. Lisette Frances is a profiler, military psychiatrist and evaluator for Stratia.

The Viper - Yrasrevda Tsilevich A Russian Prince, now the Czar of Russia. Fourth generation Vor V Zakone, thief in law. Family originally from the Baltic region of Old Latvia. Often resides at Babel in the IIPC.

Victor Vdmar - skilled Russian tattoo artist that resides in the United States.

Warriors of Stratia - Seth Ruthledge (the Kid), Petra, Eli, Pax, Slim and Vin.