The Psalm of the Offended

The Psalm of the Offended

The Parable that asks the question, 'Could the answer to why be hallelujah?" A story for anyone who has been offended by the all powerful sovereign supremacy of God. 
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Book One of the Glory Series
The Psalm of the Offended is the story of Cheyenne Cooper. 
Born to sing, her anointed gift of songwriting takes her farther than she ever imagined into the music world. But Cheyenne never wanted fame or fortune, just the forbidden love of one man. Yet her anointed purpose keeps putting more people, places, and problems between the love she longs for and the life God has ordained her to live. She can’t silence the music and she can’t stop the furious pursuing love of God from transforming her through its song. Her epic story spans glorious mountaintops and the dark valleys of the soul that will change your thinking forever.
In a world entitled to blessings and unconvinced by religion, Psalm of the Offended is a raw wrestling match of spiritual reality in a tremendously moving story.
For anyone searching for the answer to why, For anyone hurt by the tragic happenings of life and aching for healing, For anyone stirred to finally move towards forgiveness and acceptance, For anyone who loves music and is interested in the creative process behind the melody, Psalm of the Offended is a fresh and original perspective on suffering and surrender.
This parable is a must read for anyone who has been offended by the all powerful sovereign supremacy of God. 
Reviews for The Psalm of the Offended:

"This is one of those books I will be talking about for years. The author captured me from the first chapter to the last. The characters in this book are real they have real-life stories hurts and challenges and they struggle with God much like myself. It deals with emotions that come in waves when we have things in our life that is to hard to understand. As I read their stories I found myself working through my own offenses toward God. This book is powerful and offers a glimpse at how when we are raw before The Lord he alone can heal. I pray this book gets in the hands of all the suffering folks that feel like they are not allowed to be "offended". ~Debbie Brown

"This book is so much more than a romance novel. It is an inspiration for anyone who struggles to accept the sovereign will of God when life deals out heart-wrenching challenges (and really, isn't that all of us?). There is not a sugar-coated page in this book, and we come out the better for it. Read "The Psalm of the Offended" and see yourself in this captivating story of longing, self-denial, and heavenly deliverance. " ~ Lynn D.

"These characters will hook you fast and you won't be able to turn the pages fast enough as you read this romantic story of love and loss. I could not put it down. I was drawn to this powerful family as the love story melted my heart. I would recommend this book to everyone that likes strong characters with a steamy love story and a faith-based background . " ~ D C

"Excellent read. Fast paced. Couldn't stop reading to find out how things turned out. Looking forward to J.L. Kelly's
next book." ~ J. Lee

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