The Stripped

The Stripped

A parable of how God removes our self dependency and teaches us to abide and trust in Christ alone.
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The Stripped is the story of Beau Cooper. Born to lead, the heir to the Chevaux ranch is patient and good. Beau does what's right in a convicting kind of manner and that tends to bring out the absolute worst in a few very remarkable sinners. He's blessed and people envy his success. They seem to be hoping he will fail and that adds even more performance pressure to succeed. So what is a good man suppose to do when God ushers in a beautiful woman his exact opposite. Seductive with resourceful survival skills, his new neighbor is hiding something as she tries to keep things skin deep. And Beau has never been more aware that God is calling him to seek what is behind her bravado and toughness and his own judgmental attitude.

In a world of the haves and have-nots, the good boys and bad girls, The Stripped is a layer by layer uncovering of the universal pride at the heart of us all.
For the abused who wonder if God really sees them,
For the faithful who grow weary of doing good,
For the self sufficient who long to trade performance for intimacy,
The Stripped is an honest unveiling of the revelation of God’s justification; His gracious exchange with sinners. Our sin for His holiness.  His strength for our weakness.  Our humility for His exaltation.
A parable of how God removes our self dependency and teaches us to abide and trust in Christ alone.
Because when pride works too hard to cover everything up, God will allow us to be stripped naked and humbled. But even in our nakedness, Love makes us beautiful. 


 I downloaded this book for free off Amazon and could not put it down. It's far more than a romance book. Words cannot describe. J.L.Kelly has a God given talent that I've never come across. God Bless you and may you keep on blessing us through your written word. ~ LILLY VUKOV

Though I wasn't crazy about the cover, (nudity usually indicates content I don't enjoy), I decided to take a chance based on the description. It inspired me. It tackled real issues. This book might not be for everyone. I've noticed that some readers expect Christian books to have characters that react perfectly to challenging situations. I've never met a Christian like that. Real people have real problems and don't always react in a perfect reflection of God. This book is like that. The characters genuinely want to reflect relationship with God but sometimes life overwhelms them and they fail. Then they repent and apply what God has shown them about themselves and others. Though there is no profanity in the book, the author mentions when a character curses. If the notion that a Christian could curse will bother you, this isn't the book for you. This IS the book for you if you want to enjoy a WELL-CRAFTED ROMANCE that leads you to a deeper relationship with God. The hero is a strong depiction of the heart of God...unfailing love that never gives up even in the face of fierce rejection. What I love about this book is that very concept...God chases us. He romances us. He longs to show His love for us. The romance in this book is a heart-felt portrayal of God's love. ~ Author Felicia Mireson

Life deals out cruel blows to some of, where is God when it happens? If you have ever had thoughts like this, you are not alone. The characters in "The Stripped" survive some of the cruelest blows of all. Their strength comes from leaning on God, even in the midst of pain. And their story tells how God's love heals in the most miraculous ways. ~ LYNN D.

It takes a bold, talented writer to produce an interesting, meaningful story and gently weave God into the lives of the charactors in such a realistic way. Such a refreshing read. Highly recommend this book! Way to go JLK!! ~ BRENDA WALKER

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